Spain 2016 – BCN, mutek

The next post I expected to publish was about the carnival that happened in Sitges, close to Barcelona. But, things barely work the way you want and after taking some shots I considered amazing, I had the good idea to lose my camera…

So Here I am, a month later, posting the first pictures from my new camera, taken during the mutek festival in Barcelona. From teatre Barts to Fabrica Antigua Estrella Damm few days of music in amazing locations, here we go !

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Israel and Palestine 2015

Over the past years, I have been traveling to many countries in the middle east, but so far, I never had the opportunity to make it to a special one, Israel…

I finally made it for the Christmas break, and it was… Interesting. I actually have no word to express accurately the successive feelings I went through, from oppressed Palestinian people in Hebron to being stuck in Jewish orthodox funerals, in a trip that finished with bullet shooting in the streets of Tel Aviv…

At least once again I remember how lucky I am to have the life I live. I believe traveling helps me to keep it in mind.

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Spain 2015 – BCN, ASHES57 exhibition

This weekend I was invited to an art exhibition/market from the french artist ASHES57, with DJ sets from people affiliated to Teklife. My friend DJ Perez gave me the opportunity to shoot the event. Good vibes, nice music and art, many visitors, amazing location in Raval. I really enjoyed, and here is my modest contribution… The night continued in RazzMatazz, where the staff didn’t let my camera in without accreditation, which of course I didn’t have…

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Japan 2015

This summer I was still struggling with paperwork to renew my full passport (there was technically no space remaining for OneMoreStamp), without any idea about the first stamp I will get on the new passport.

The day I received it I checked the affordable plane tickets, and decided to go to… Japan. Food, temples, geishas, sumos, megalopolis, so many premade ideas… Let’s go check it by myself !

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Spain 2015 – BCN, Primavera Sound

After three years in a country where music and culture are marginals if not absent, spring in Barcelona comes with tons of open air music and arts festivals.

I started the season with Primavera Sound. A hipster/must-be-seen festival, but still really nice. My favorites: Tony Allen, Jungle, DJ coco…

For the first time I took my camera in a music festival. And I’ll repeat it for sure !

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Spain 2015 – BCN, Holi festival

One of the things I missed when I was living in India is the Holi festival, when people get crazy in the streets, throwing colors all around.

One of the [good/sad] thing with the globalization is that this type of event is now exported in every big/touristic city, for commercial reasons. Still, a good opportunity to wrap my camera into plastic film and bring it out of it’s comfort zone to take fun pictures…

Check out the pictures…

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