Japan 2015

This summer I was still struggling with paperwork to renew my full passport (there was technically no space remaining for OneMoreStamp), without any idea about the first stamp I will get on the new passport.

The day I received it I checked the affordable plane tickets, and decided to go to… Japan. Food, temples, geishas, sumos, megalopolis, so many premade ideas… Let’s go check it by myself !

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Myanmar 2013

Summer 2013. Looking for an exciting place to escape from Saudi Arabia during the crazily hot season… Trying to avoid similar Muslim countries at this period of the year because of the holy period of Ramadan, trying to avoid harsh monsoon in most of Asian countries, looking for decent flights ticket prices, etc. Myanmar was kind of a so-so choice. Overall the experience was so nice that it made it to my top-3 travel experience… Continue reading