Israel and Palestine 2015

Over the past years, I have been traveling to many countries in the middle east, but so far, I never had the opportunity to make it to a special one, Israel…

I finally made it for the Christmas break, and it was… Interesting. I actually have no word to express accurately the successive feelings I went through, from oppressed Palestinian people in Hebron to being stuck in Jewish orthodox funerals, in a trip that finished with bullet shooting in the streets of Tel Aviv…

At least once again I remember how lucky I am to have the life I live. I believe traveling helps me to keep it in mind.

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Oman 2013

Spring 2013. I don’t remember how I imagined Oman before landing in Muscat, however I am sure I will not forget how I’ve seen it! 3,000 km road trip from Muscat to Salalah, camping in the desert, in the mountain, along the sea… Driving off road to discover hidden oasis, stoned villages in rocky mountains, etc. Definitely a place to visit on your own, renting a car and taking less shower than the days you spend in the country, but more picture than your memory stick can handle… Continue reading