Afghanistan 2013

Afghanistan… It has been one of my craziest dream for the last five years, since the first time I’ve seen it, from the Tajik side of the Pamir river.

A road trip from Kabul to Mazar-e-Charif, immersion in the country during the holi period of Eid, all the ingredients were there to turn this trip into an incredible experience in one of the less touristic country on earth.

Make your dreams become true.

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Myanmar 2013

Summer 2013. Looking for an exciting place to escape from Saudi Arabia during the crazily hot season… Trying to avoid similar Muslim countries at this period of the year because of the holy period of Ramadan, trying to avoid harsh monsoon in most of Asian countries, looking for decent flights ticket prices, etc. Myanmar was kind of a so-so choice. Overall the experience was so nice that it made it to my top-3 travel experience… Continue reading

Oman 2013

Spring 2013. I don’t remember how I imagined Oman before landing in Muscat, however I am sure I will not forget how I’ve seen it! 3,000 km road trip from Muscat to Salalah, camping in the desert, in the mountain, along the sea… Driving off road to discover hidden oasis, stoned villages in rocky mountains, etc. Definitely a place to visit on your own, renting a car and taking less shower than the days you spend in the country, but more picture than your memory stick can handle… Continue reading

Ethiopia 2012

First time in Africa. I expected many things to be different in Ethiopia than in any other countries I’ve been in Europe, Middle-East, Central Asia or Asia.

Indeed, this first experience on the continent we all come from was unique. With fantastic memories, as well as less enjoyable experiences. Meeting with dozens of maids [slaves] during the transfer from Saudi to Ethiopia via Yemen is THE thing I will remember forever…

However no regrets, it was a journey full of discoveries !

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UK 2011 – London

After getting my PhD, after traveling for few month in Latin America, I was back for only few weeks when I got two amazing news the same week… I just got a position in Saudi Arabia, and I will spend a long weekend in London!

Despite the summer weather around the Thames looks like the one in French Brittany, despite punks are my father’s age and Dr. Martens are accumulating dust, it was an amazing time, hanging out in flea markets, museums and grey streets smelling fish and ships. From Bricklane to Chinatown, some pictures from a too short trip in fish’n ships land… Continue reading